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Welcome to our Oil and Gas Training Consultancy! We offer customized, high-quality training solutions for the industry. Our experienced team tailors programs to meet your unique needs, prioritizing practicality and relevance. We look forward to becoming your trusted training vendor.

Who we are

Empowering Excellence in Oil and Gas Training and Consulting

Obiz International LLC , is a registered training consulting and Human Resource consulting company working in the middle east to deliver cost effective training solutions to its clients , which are primarily Oil and Gas Exploration & Production companies. With a world-wide network of the experts, Obiz International is meeting client’s Training Needs, in the most effective way.

To deliver client-oriented solutions that make the most of actual client data, we organize In-House sessions while respecting the budgetary boundaries set by the client. These courses, covering Drilling, Completion, Geology & Geophysics, and Health & Safety, can be conducted online, at the client’s location, or in hotels. Our commitment to your specific needs drives us to tailor solutions effectively.

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Our Philosophy

Customized Training for Your Budget and Industry

Our philosophy is to arrange globally best possible resource in cost effective way to meet the learning needs of the client. Our high-quality training programs are tailored to the specific needs of each client, while also being mindful of the client’s budget. We achieve this, by using a variety of cost-effective training methods, such as e-learning, webinars, and on-the-job training. Additionally, Obiz International possess a strong understanding of the Oil and Gas industry, so our experts and training programs are directly relevant to the Exploration and Production needs.

  • Drilling

    We offer comprehensive drilling courses that cover the latest techniques and technologies in the industry.

  • Completion

    Our completion courses provide essential insights into the completion phase of oil and gas projects.

  • Geology & Geophysics

    Explore the intricacies of geology and geophysics through our expert-led courses.

  • Health & Safety

    Safety is paramount in the oil and gas sector. Our health and safety courses are designed to ensure the well-being of your workforce.

Our Value

Unveiling the Pillars of
Obiz International LLC

Our History

Founder's Vision and Legacy Technical Training and Lasting Values

Obiz International is vision of Mr. Asif Akber, who founded Obiz Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd in 2005 to meet the technical training needs of the E&P sector of Pakistan and abroad, with a primary objective of introducing vital certifications for the foundation level professionals, hoping to get into mid-tear of the organization.

 Mr. Asif Akber, had the understanding to distinguish between linguistic proficiency and the technical training needs of the professionals, which made him introduce the technical content in simplified regional language, that proved to be successful by changing lives of hundreds of professionals who achieved these certifications, impacting thousands of associated lives with these professionals working in the middle east and in Pakistan.


Hasan A Jeelani

Director | Obiz Intl

Mr. Anas A Jeelani

Director | Obiz Intl

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